Sunday, December 15, 2013

Paper Paint Strainer

Paper Paint Strainer


During earlier times, paints used to be filtered using the cloths, socks or panty hose. However, this could not bring the refinement in painting as there were micron sized particles that were very difficult to pass through fabrics of cloth, socks or any panty hose.

Automotive Paints introduces an exclusive AS Paper Paint Strainer, which is an innovative new age paint filtration product. It is capable of filtering any kind of solvent based or water based paints, and PU paints. AS Paper Paint Strainer is a disposable type paper cone/funnel filter providing particle size filtering.

Advantages of AS Paper Paint Strainers:

·         Comes in Smart Packing
·         Lint Proof Fabric
·         Free of Dust
·         User-Friendly
·         Easily Filters Solvent Based & Water Based Paints
·         Easily Disposed Off
·         Mesh Sizes of 80 to 600
·         Gets quickly Decomposed
·         Available in Handy Packing of 500 Pcs / 1000 Pcs Per Carton

Why Opt Us?

Automotive Solutions is an organized company offering high quality paper paint strainers, catering to the needs of OEM, Automotive Industries and Training Centers in India. At Automotive Solutions, our innovative paint strainers are designed to give very high refined quality finish. You do not have to think of the untimely repairs with our paint strainers.  We provide professional and effective paper paint strains services to the corporate and diversified industries.

USP Compositions:
·         Timely Deliverables
·         Advanced Sophisticated Filtration Systems
·         Affordable & Low Cost
·         Direct Client Interaction
·         Professional Consultation on Paint Filtration
·         International Standards Followed

Application Zones:

·         Wood Finishing
·         Paint Boot Applications
·         Veneer Finishes
·         Auto Repair Refinish
·         Aerospace Finishes

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