Monday, December 9, 2013

Food Grade Coatings

Food Grade Coatings


Food warehouses need complete protection for various reasons, and therefore, highly specialized food grade coatings are required. These coatings are specially designed for the food store warehouses. The coatings have extremely low coefficient of friction, and due to this reason, it prevents the wear and tear. It is due to low wear and tear, the level of maintenance is reduced extremely.  The lubricated nature of these superior coatings eventually makes them easy to apply. The level of contamination is also negligible. Due to the application of food grade coatings, it also becomes easy to clean the surfaces on which these are applied.
Food Grade Coatings are meant for small as well as large storage spaces. These coatings offer smart and innovative food storage options. With the application of food grade coatings, the storage area will show fool proof safety against general and environmental hazards.

With the new age coating solution around, you will be happy and completely satisfied to find the food storage area completely protected.

Advantages of Food Grade Coatings:

·         Anti-Fungal properties
·         Available in Variety of Color Range
·         Wear & Tear Resistance
·         Shows NSF Compliance
·         USDA/FDA Compliant
·         Show Superb Resistance from Corrosion and Anti Microbes
·         Does Not Show Sticky Nature
·         Shows Lowest Coefficient of Friction
·         Foolproof Against  Abrasion
·         High Chemical Stability

Why Opt Us?

Automotive Solutions is a professional painting solutions company offering the high standard and international quality food grade paint systems for food processing and storage industries.  We strictly adhere to the ISO 22000 and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) system. We offer multi colored food grade coating.

Basically, the food grade coating is 3 Component based (3K) having:

·         The Base
·         The Solvent
·         The Activator

 The complete curing of coating takes around 8 to 12 hours. After the curing, coating does not have any odor. Moreover, the coatings can be chosen from Transparent/ Clear and/or white colors. The coatings offered by us do not have lead pigment, Lead (II) Chromate (PbCrO4), PbCo3, and White Lead. At Automotive Solutions, our food grade coating shows extremely good adhesion to every kind of substrate which also includes the metals, paper items etc.

USP Composition:

·         1 to 1 Interaction with the Clients
·         Coating Service Available within 24 Hrs.
·         Strictly Follow the International Quality Standards
·         Offer Affordable Coating Solutions
·         Coating Solution provided By Professionals & Trained Manpower 

Application Zones:

  • ·         Mixers
  • ·         Hoppers
  • ·         Packaging
  • ·         Piping
  • ·         Conveyors
  • ·         Weigh buckets
  • ·         Dairy        
  • ·         Bakery
  • ·         Augers
  • ·         Molds
  • ·         Heat Seal Tooling
  • ·         Valves, Shafts & Motors
  • ·         Vibratory Pans
  • ·         Cutter Blades
  • ·         Meat Processing
  • ·         Tea Industry
  • ·         Pet Products
  • ·         Blenders
  • ·         Chutes & Slides
  • ·         Chopping & Cutting Tools
  • ·         Pump Housings
  • ·         Waffle Grids
  • ·         Die Rolls
  • ·         Canning
  • ·         Confectionery
  • ·         Box Manufacturer


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