Sunday, May 13, 2018

Camouflage Painting of Army Vehicles / Artillery in India.

We are trained professional providing painting of Defense Vehicles  of Army, Navy & Air force with MIL Grade CARC Painting services in PAN  India.

In house application facilities for painting components

1. EMI Shielding Paints
2. RF Paints
3. MIL Grade Paints
4. Fire Retardant Paints

On site services for painting of

  1. Armoured DefenceVehicles
  2. Aircrafts
  3. Guns
  4. Helicopters
  5. Trucks
  6. Battle Tanks
  7. Artillery Guns Etc
Our Technicians are trained to take up any job for painting for these equipment's.

Call us for more details at +919350042380.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Camouflage painting of Vehicles in India

We offer camouflage painting of defense vehicles as per military standard pan India on apply & supply basis.  These paints qualifies the MIL Standard and are Chemical Resistant.

We offer trained staff to execute painting of any defense vehicle that needs to be camouflage.

Call us for more details. + 919350042380 ( or mail us at