Monday, October 28, 2013

Quick View on the Terms Related to Epoxy Coating & Layering Industry

Epoxy layering or coating industry is a huge industry in itself. There are several techniques and sub processes that form the part of Epoxy layering and coating industry. By knowing about elementary processes related to Epoxy Flooring and coating, you’ll get the advantage of knowing more than what meets the eye.
What is grinding?
Grinding is a highly specialized process in Epoxy coating and layering and involves grinding the worn out areas of concrete floors and expose the fresh area. The process is also used to clean the concrete and as the result of which a completely strong bond is built up over the concrete and Epoxy. In the case of development of any kind of cracks or jaggedness on concrete surfaces, diamond grinding is done and this creates smoothness on surface.

What is patching?
Patching Cracks is a unique process of Epoxy Flooring and Epoxy Coating, wherein the cracks, holes and divots are removed from concrete floors with the help of superior polymer-modified patching compound. The cracks, divots and holes when removed, will give a smooth surface.

What is Epoxy primer?
The Epoxy primer is basically the layer of Epoxy applied on the rough concrete floors and walls. The primer on saturating will make the deep penetration into the pores of concrete and as the result of which strong chemical-mechanical bond is created that is not easy to break.

Did we talk about the superb quality Epoxy Primer? This Epoxy primer helps in bonding the new concrete to the old. The primer also has a very appropriate mix ratio. The primer shows very high adhesion to damp concrete and imparts the strength to all types of porous substrates. Epoxy Primer is a high quality 100 % solid with low viscosity and a two-part epoxy put in use for refurbishing concrete floors and concrete surfaces preceding the application of new layering and/or "stand alone" sealer. Epoxy Primer builds up a strong bond between the substrate and the Epoxy coating.  The unique chemistry of Primer helps in quick supplanting of the substrate moisture. For this reason the Epoxy primer is extensively used on the damping surfaces.

With the help of above Epoxy Flooring processes, you now have the promising reason to build up creative and practical flooring and covering area. Epoxy flooring and layering is all about building a functional space for your industry give a clean working environment to the workers.

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