Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Epoxy Floors Give Your Industrial Space All the Meaning in India

If you were of the opinion that Epoxy flooring is just any usual kind of flooring, then you are mistaken somewhere. You need to correct your information. It is important that you come to know about the important of Epoxy layering as this would help in creating marvelous and functional spaces. Epoxy flooring is one of the uniquely designed floor coating that crates a protective layer on a rough and concrete floor space. The protective layering created as the result of Epoxy layering will create perfection and durability too.

A professional done Epoxy layering will help in keeping the workshop maintained and free of any slips. There is absolutely no way by means of which you will find the dust in in and around the floors.  A stale looking garage floor or factory area can be easily transformed into rumpus room with the help of Epoxy flooring m   If you thought that the Epoxy layered floors will develop crack, then you are somewhere wrong, because these floors are fully anti crack. It doesn't matter whether you are running a heavy tonner truck on the floor, at the end of day; Epoxy coating will do the entire job.

Epoxy-Coat is an ideal choice for rough and eroded concrete floors, because of the very reason of having a kind of self-leveling nature, besides, 100% solids non shrinking preparation. Is this hard to believe for you? Reality is just hard to ignore. Epoxy coating has become an industry standard today. It creates a clean and polished surface in your factory and as the result of which your employees would love working around and that’s where all the difference lies.

There are uncountable and solid reasons why industries prefer Epoxy paint coatings and if you are not opting it for your industry, definitely, you need to re-think. One Epoxy coating is 5 to 7 times more powerful than the usual paints that are available in local market. The best thing about Epoxy coating is that it transforms the rugged appearing floor into a floor which is shining and more functional.  In short, you will get long lasting finish and without any kind of asthma and allergy triggers.

Epoxy floors have almost ZERO VOCs, and have complete resistance against the molds and mildews, because it has microbial power. You can now go for Epoxy coating in your industry and add value to it.

Remember, Epoxy Floors will create more value and superb feel in less time. All that you need to do is make the decision now.   

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