Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Rust Proof Coating on Dish Anteena's Reflector. India

Many People have noticed that rusting starts at reflector of dish anteena leading to high corrosion causing bad reception of the picture quality. The Only option left is to get it replaced & but a new anteena.

Rusting on anteena can be due to many reasons:
  1. Poor Paint Quality 
  2. Coastal Environment
  3. Pollution 
  4. Acid Rain Etc
Advantages of AS Coatings over conventional coatings
  1. High Rust Proof Coatings / Rust Proof
  2. Easy to Apply 
  3. Excellent adhesion on MS 
  4. Life 5 - 7 Yrs.
  5. Special Coating for C-band & Ku-band Dish Antenna's
                                      ANTEENA AFTER 2 MONTHS - SHOWS RUSTING

To offer these high resistant coatings that offer excellent protection for any type on environmental damage that causes rusting. We offer these coatings to manufacturer, exporters & end customers.These coatings are easy to apply & have life span of 5 - 7 Yrs.  For more information visit us at www.automotivesolutions.net.in or call us at + 91 9810037026.

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