Wednesday, June 5, 2013


We Offer bike painting in Delhi with various options & under warranty. The Bikes painted are treated right from the start by putting a high itching primer, followed by a Top Coat that is UV resistant. These bikes painted takes almost 7 - 10 days for total process to be carried out. The Pricing of Bike painting starts from Rs 10000 to Rs 35000/- depending on the system you require for Painting. Our Paints have minimum warranty of one year for any chipping or fading. 

Advantages of Getting Painting from Automotive Solutions

1.  Right Product

2. Option of Colors ( Solid / Mettalic )

3. Warranty Job.

4. Excellent for Vehicles Exported.

5. High Resistance to sea corrosion while in transit.

6. Non Fading & Chemical Resistant.

7. Warranty - One Year.

8. Petrol Tank inside coating a Part of Paint Job to protect from Rust & Corrosion.

9. Dust Free Environment.

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                    Polyster Putty Filling 
                          Fender Sanding 

               Spray of High Corrosion Non Chipping Primer

                          Primer Sanding

                  Primer Sanding of Petrol Tank
Filling Petrol Tank with Putty to hide tinkering 
areas & give smooth finish

               Petrol Tank ready for final Top Coat 

          Frame Primer Coating after scraping of old paint 


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  3. Do you have shop in Jaipur also ?

  4. Do you have shop in Jaipur also ?

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