Monday, January 13, 2014

Acidic Water caused Corrosion .. Anti Corrosion Coating in Delhi . India.

Corrosive Water or Acidic Water Corrosion in Pipes, Iron Flanges & Pipe Stands get corroded due to following reasons..

  • Acidic Environment Corrosion
  • Acidic Water Corrosion above 100 Deg Cent,
  • High Temperature Rusting & Corrosion.
  • Corrosion & Rusting
Acidic Water Corrosion.

The Challenge here is not just giving anti corrosive coating but to work with high temperature that too at times in acidic water.  Normally when you look for high Anti corrosive property you cannot work with high temperature & viva-versa.

Corrosion of Iron Pipes

We at Automotive Solutions(TM) gives an easy solution where you customer can get High Anti Corrosive Property with Pipes working In Acidic water at high temperature ranging between 80 Deg to 250 deg Cent. Our Coatings have following features.
  • High Acidic Protection
  • Protects from Acidic Water Corrosion
  • Works in High Temperature 80 Deg to 250 Deg Cent.
  • Excellent Protection from UV fading.
  • Long Lasting & easy to apply.
  • Comes in Silver Color.
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