Saturday, December 28, 2013

Chipping & Rusting of Industrial Chimney... How to Protect & Paint Industrial Chimney

Industrial Chimney Corrosion & Rusting.

Industrial Chimney faces a very strange problem of Rusting due to environmental factors & if you apply paint it faces chipping of paint due to high temperature of  Chimney.

Barely applying Heat Resistant paint will not solve the purpose as you need to give it anti corrosive coating to avoid rusting & create adhesion on rusted surface. We at Automotive Solutions understood the requirement and came out with the solutions where the customer can get dual advantage of Anti Corrosive Property & Heat Resistant Coating up to 600 Degree & more if required. 

Our Product is easy to Apply our Anti Corrosive 1st Coat followed by Heat Resistant Paint gives the benefit to our customers & life that could be more than 2 years depending on the environment.

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