Saturday, January 2, 2016

Rusting of Pipes in spite of corrosion resistance coatings.

A Study for almost 3 years  resulted in finding an answer to  the question " In spite of best anti corrosive paints why resting in pipes still happen"

We painted a structure outside the balcony with our Acid Resistant Coating and put wet clothes on the same to observe any kind of rusting that happens.

Astonishes results were visible after two years,  we could see rust blisters on the top of the pipe. This raised an alarm that inspite of best paints used how come rust popped up from the pipe.

Rust seen on the top of the painted pipe 

We saw that bottom of the pipe was not showing much of rust.  WHY ?????

Bottom view of the Pipe

We draw a conclusion that rusting must be inside the pipe, due to condensation that was happening by putting wet clothes on the pipe. In spite of the coating since the inside of the pipe is not coated the water molecules created due to condensation was creating rust that was visible outside the pipe.

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