Monday, April 13, 2015

Copper Conductive Paint buy online in Delhi / India

Copper Conductive Paint is a spray or brush applied coating system specially formulated with non oxidizing copper as conductive agent. These coatings are solvent based and are  Two component system (2K) system. This conductive copper paint prepares a non-metallic piece for electro forming by creating a highly conductive surface on the piece, allowing you to electro form at lower amperage and get a brighter plate.


Advantages of Copper Conductive Paints

·                     Highly Conductive.
·                     Available in Single Pack & 2 Pack System
·                     Solvent Based.
·                     Works for AC & DC Currents.
·                     Chemical Resistant Copper Conductive Paint in 2 Pack System.
·                     Can be applied on any substrate.
·                     Available through our online store within India.
·                     Pack Size 500 Gms

Application Area
·                     Copper conductive paint / EMI paint is widely used in higher frequency EMI shielding applications  (>30
·                     Can also be used in ESD applications.
·                     Electronics Industry.
·                     Electro Plating for Plastics, flowers, leaves, idols etc.

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