Monday, January 5, 2015

CNC Machines Painting Services in Delhi. India.

CNC Machine Painting


CNC Machines are very important for any manufacturing sector as it is heart of any manufacturing institution. With time the paint on CNC machines deteriorate and requires professional painting to give back its aesthetic look and metal protection.

Why Opt Us?

Automotive Solutions is a professional and experienced manufacturer & service provider of high quality painting services, catering to the needs of OEM, automotive Industries and factory in India. At Automotive Solutions, our innovative paint is designed to give very high refined quality finish.  We provide professional and effective paint services in India for various industrial applications.

Advantages  with our services for Painting CNC Machines

·                     Professional Approach.
·                     Paint as per RAL Standard.
·                     Chemical & Oil Resistant Painting System.
·                     Can be applied on any substrate.
·                     In house Painting.
·                     Abrasion Resistant.

.Steps of Painting:
·         Cleaning of Machine
·         Steaming to remove oil & dirt
·         Degreasing
·         Primer Application
·         Final Top Coat of Paint

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