Tuesday, May 20, 2014

HVAC Fins Corrosion in Coke Ovens & Coal Plant

The coke oven by-product plant is an integral part of the by-product coke making process.  Raw coke oven gas also contains various contaminants, which give coke oven gas its unique characteristics. These consist of:

ü  Tar vapors
ü  Light oil vapors (aromatics), consisting mainly of benzene, toluene and
xylene (BTX)
ü  Naphthalene vapor
ü  Ammonia gas
ü  Hydrogen sulfide gas
ü  Hydrogen cyanide gas
As per analysis it is observed that the fins of the coils are getting damaged besides leakages in copper tubes and the reason is attributable to corrosive environment. Similar problems are being faced in split air conditioners and package air conditioners also, although new units are installed at many locations within the plant. For the purpose of developing specifications for the air conditioning systems to be installed in corrosive environment we offer “Clear Guard Copper Preventive Coating” & “Aluminum Fin Coating” to safeguard the HVAC Industry from this Corrosion Related Problems.

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