Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Food Grade Coating for Wood Pallets Protection from Mold / Fungi for Food Industry Export. Delhi / India.

Wood Pallets in food industry is facing an acute problem of mold growing on newly manufactured wood pallets. During transit the wood absorbs lot of moisture & growth of mold, fungi is seen on the wood surface. The food items when exported the customer at many cases send back trailer-loads or demand.

Mold / Fungus development due in wood pallet.

Humidity levels in  untreated pallet wood 30%

Latest Food Grade Transparent non absorbent coating for mold/ fungi protection.

 The reasons are simple:
1)      Mold growing on pallets can contaminate or discolor the packaging and, ultimately, the
product placed on them.
2)      Mold on pallets can contaminate the workplace, directly or indirectly contaminate
product, and pose a health risk to people working in the same environment.
3)      Moldy pallets present an ugly, unprofessional appearance that contaminates the
packaged appeal of the finished unit load that is ready for distribution.
       whatever the reasons, it is clear that mold on pallets is a problem that is not going away.

 So, why all the fuss?
  Use Automotive Solutions Food Grade Coating
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