Sunday, September 22, 2013

TANK SEAL - Fuel / Gas Tank Sealer supplier in Delhi / India

Fuel Tank


Rusting inside fuel tank creates loose particles of rust which can choke the fuel line, carburetor or fuel system.

We Automotive Solutions™ offers a Clear Resin for the protection of the Rusting inside the tank to prevent from further Rust & Corrosion. These Resin coating are based on 3 Pack system that has high resistance to Acids & Chemicals.  One Mixed together it has pot life of 20-30 minutes to finally apply in the inner area of the fuel or gas tank. 

Easy to apply coating comes in 300 ML & 1800ML Pack to suit customer needs. Buy Online

Applications include

  1. fuel tanks, 
  2. diesel tanks,
  3. Gas Tanks
  4. oil tanks,
  5. utility tanks,
  6. Non-potable water tanks.


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