Sunday, April 21, 2013

Protective Coatings for copper coils for Air Conditioning system in India

People who suffer regular gas leak in their Air Conditioning system at Home or Office’s located near to Nallah, river bank, coastal area, sewers, drains. These cities effected are Delhi & Noida Majorly.

Effected copper coils

Several types of coatings are applied to ac copper coils & brazing joints to protect AC from gas Leak Problems. Some use Spray cans some use single component paints from a local paint shop. BUT DOES THESE COATINGS REALLY WORK.

Before using Paint ANY PAINT for AC protection, ASK the following questions.

1. Does this paint have adhesion to New Copper Coils & Tubes?
2. Will it work on old Rusted copper coils?
3. Will it take temperature variation?
4. Does it have resistance to acidic fumes?
5. Will is effect heat transfer rate?

In order to be effective, coatings must be applied at a maximum thickness of 0.003 in. If they’re applied at a greater thickness, the heat transfer rate may be affected.

It’s also important to know that some amount of heat transfer loss occurs when a coating is applied to an evaporator coli; however, it is normally less than 5%, which remains constant over time. If that small number seems significant, consider that an un-coated, corroded coil will lose much more than 5% in a short time.

Very few coatings can be applied at 0.003 in. or less and still provide good chemical resistance. That’s why the densely cross-linked Clear Guard Copper Preventive Coating™ is achieving its popularity in Indian market.

What’s nice about Clear Guard Copper Preventive Coating™ is that "it has a great deal of flexibility as a coating, so that if you bend the coils or whatever, you don’t crack the coating and has resistance to a lot of acids, alkalies salts, sulfur fumes and alcohols.”,says Sachiv Dhawan CEO of Automotive Solutions™ , Delhi , India.

How it’s applied

Contractors or applicators should be aware that effectively applying a coil coating is not an easy task. No matter how chemically resistant the coating is, if the surface preparation is not right or you don’t get full surface coverage, it will likely result in a waste of time and money.

The bottom line is that a chemical-resistant Clear Guard Copper Preventive Coating™ expertly applied to a finned-tube coil can add many years to the life of a coil in a corrosive environment. Check our Product Video

Publication date: 22 April 2013. 


  1. Thanks for sharing this information. But how about its safety features? Does it have strong odor that might harm the person applying it?

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