Thursday, August 2, 2012

Paint Arrestor / Glass Fiber Filter / Paint Stop Filter for Paint Booth in Delhi / India.

We AUTOMOTIVE SOLUTIONS (TM) Offer Glass Fiber Filter media for all type of Paint Booth like Neptune , Precision, Elgi , Kamex , Aero etc. These Glass Fiber Filter comes in thickness of 50 mm & 80mm Thickness. It is especially effective at capturing small, dry paint particles. We Offer these Fiber Filters in Width of 800mm, 1000mm & 2000mm, The Roll has length of 20 Meters & 60 Meters. These Paint Arrestor are easy to Install & Cut. The Life of Glass Fiber Filter would depend on the usage & amount of Over spray created during application. These Filters can be installed for Paints for Automotive Paint Booths , Industrial Paint Booth, Dry Paint Booths & Paint booth used in Furniture Industry for Poly urea application on wood.

Automotive Spray Booths
Furniture Paint Booths
Industrial Spray Booths
Large Equipment Booths
Truck Spray Booths
Wood Finishing Booths
Batch Powder Booths
Paint Mixing Rooms

Our Filter Range Includes Pre Filter ( Panel / Pads / Frame / Flange / Pocket Type ) . Ceiling Filter EU 5 Microns or also known as Roof Filters. Glass Fibre Filter , Carbon Activated Filters.

Our State of the Art Filter can now be purchased at or simple call us at + 91 9350 42380 for ORDER & DELIVERY WITHIN 36 HRS.

We Offer these Glass Fiber paint Arrestor through out India with covering Major states like Delhi / Noida / Gurgoan / Faridabad / Punjab / Haryana / Chandigarh / Himachal / Siliguri / Assam / Kala Amb / Ambala / Gujarat / Vadodara / Kerela / Mumbai / Agartala / Manipur.


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