Thursday, July 19, 2012


We Automotive Solutions(TM) gives solutions to our customers by imparting training for right application to apply Epoxy / PU paint as per Requirement. These Two Component Paints when applied have certain principles to take care . Once Mixed  they have to be applied within a given time known as Pot life. Mixing Ratio of Products may vary from Product to Product. Corrects Solvents / Hardener have to be selected  for Application. Selection of Wrong Hardeners / Thinners / Solvents may land you in a Big Problem like SLOW DRYING / NO DRYING / NO GLOSS / EFFECT ON HARDNESS ETC.   Another big Issue is to understand terms like Mixing Ratio / Pot life / Flash off time / Touch Free / Full Cure Etc . These Terms may sound Absurd but are related to Paints during application.

For Eg You have Fast Drying Clear & Slow Drying Clears... What would you use while Painting Full Car or Big  Panels..  THINKING .... Now See the Answer ... You would Use Slow Drying Clear cause paint always work on we on wet . So By the time you finish one coat & you approach for second coat the starting point of first coat should be wet therefore Slow Drying will have more Flash of Time. But In case you use Fast Drying Products that may effect the Gloss Levels. Now another thing to put in mind in case of Epoxy / PU Application Ambient Temperature also play's important roles in selection of the Product. We at Automotive Solutions have ample of experience to provide to give consultancy on Application of various types of Paints ( Epoxy / PU ) ...     Connect us to know more about Paints. or Call us to Know More at + 91 93500 42380 ( 20 Lines ) 

We Offer these consulatancy services in Delhi / Noida / Faridabad/ Gurgoan / Kala Amb / Ludhiana / Gujrat / Ambala / Jalandhar / Karnataka / Himachal / Amritsar / Punjab / Lucknow / Kanpur / Agra / Meerut Etc