Sunday, May 6, 2012

COATING FOR AC COPPER COOLING COIL / TUBES RUST PROTECTION from sulphur,heavy salts & other chemical components in Delhi / NCR. India

Corrosion is the degradation of metal caused by a reaction with the environment, such as oxidation and chemical attack of the metallic surface.  Copper is susceptible to attack from sulfur-containing gases.  The result is the formation of a nonproductive layer on the material surface.  Unprotected metal will continue to react with the contaminant and corrode.  Under severe, prolonged conditions, the metal continues to corrode until the integrity of the equipment is jeopardized.  Unprotected copper in polluted industrial environments can lead to failure of the refrigeration system.  Sulfur- and nitrogen-based electrolytes are often the cause of accelerated corrosion in industrial environments.
Since general corrosion consumes metal and forms metal oxides, unsightly surface conditions result.  Surface tarnish on copper, such as black, green, brown, or yellow deposits, lead to the perception of poor quality.
Copper-fin coils experience similar attack of the copper metal.  Failure of a contaminated copper-fin coil can result from fin degradation and ultimately lead to loss of tube integrity.
A clean copper tube in an uncontaminated atmosphere maintains system integrity.  However, in a contaminated atmosphere, metal oxides begin to form on the copper tube.  Prolonged exposure to a contaminated atmosphere usually results in tube failure.
Air conditioner evaporator coil easily gets effected black corrosion on copper tubing components.  The corrosion can result in refrigerant leakage making it impossible to cool the home requiring coil replacement.
Coil failures indicative of this problem typically occur every 6-14 months.

These Black Corrosion must have been observed by you on Following:-
copper wires, ground wires, and electrical connectors
un-insulated and un-coated copper pipes and fittings
chrome-plated bathroom fixtures
silver and copper jewelry
mirror backing in bathrooms

What is the Remedy ?
Apply   AS Clear Guard COPPER PROTECTOR to protect from this Corrosion Related Problems.


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