Thursday, September 15, 2011

Epoxy Paints & Polyurethane Paints in Delhi / Punjab / Gurgaon / Noida / UP

Paint (Epoxy & PU)  Epoxy & Polyurethane

We Offer various types of epoxy paints & Polyurethane paints for different applications. These Epoxy Paints have various applications for various substrates like Metal, Concrete, waterproofing, plastic, fiber, wall & Floor. These Epoxy Paints are two component chemical resistant grade primers & Paints. We Offer Epoxy Primers that can be applied on Heavy Rust known as Rust Converter Primer followed by Zinc Phosphate Epoxy Primer, Zinc Rich Epoxy Primer, and MIO Coatings & Wash Primer.

We have all range of Epoxy Primers & Epoxy Paint that have adhesion to almost all type of substrate & passing salt spray test of 500 & 1000 Hrs. Epoxy Paints have Excellent  Resistance to acids & Fumes.  These special Epoxy Paints range can also be applied on Walls where Radioactive Isotopes are used as they are Non Photo chemical Reactive Solvents. Our Range of Epoxy Top Coats & PU (Polyurethane) Top Coats consist of High Solid Product Range with low VOC.These Product passes the following test:-

  1. Salt Spray Test – 500 , 1000 Hrs
  2. Hydrocarbon Resistance
  3. Lubricating Oil Resistance
  4. Distilled Water Resistance
  5. Weather Resistance ( For PU Top Coats )
  6. Chemical Resistance Etc ( More Available on Demand )

Applications Area’s:

*      Suitable for all types of Industries and Aromatic, Machinery, Engineering goods, Original Equipments, all types of Wooden Furniture, Air Conditioners and Refrigerators etc.
*      Coating Mild Steel in Industrial Applications
*      Projects - Chemical, Power, Process Industries.
*      High Build Coatings.
*      Self Priming Type.
*      Solvent less Coatings
*      Primer for mild steel in Process Industries, Chemical Industries, Off Shore Installations, Power Plants, Engineering Goods, Machines, Original Equipments etc.
*      High water resistance and coating for submerged structures.
*      Self Etch Primers for Aluminum and Galvanized Iron
*      Coatings for Floor & Wall
*      Coatings for Concrete.
*      Spring Manufacturer
*      Old Cars Restoration
*      Automobile Workshop.

Product Range:

*      Epoxy Primer – Rust Converter , Wash Primer , Zinc Phosphate , Zinc Chromate , MIO Coatings
*      Epoxy Paint  -  Epoxy Top Coats
*      PU Primers -  PU Primers
*      PU Paint – PU Top Coats
*      Solvents – Epoxy Thinner & PU Thinner 

We Provide services of Epoxy Paint & Polyurethane Coatings on Apply & Supply Basis in Delhi / Punjab / Haryana / Noida / Gurgoan / Maneshar / Faridabad. We are equipped with Latest Machines to provide job as per customer satisfaction with trained professional working in this field for more than 15 Years.

Our clientele are spread across the India with Major International Customers  using these products in their manufacturing facility.

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