Wednesday, June 2, 2010

EPOXY FLOORING (epoxy vloeren) (Epoxidbodenbelag)(revêtements de sol époxy)

EPOXY FLOORING is still a way of assumption that it is just a Paint. People are not aware that it is a paint which can be build to the desired thickness depending upon your requirement. Normally a Calls come that they are looking for Epoxy Flooring for 2mm , 3mm or maybe 5mm. But when we enquire from customer that how they come to this conculsion of thickness they say this is the requirement they have. Has anybody thought on these Questions ?
1. Why Epoxy Flooring is Required ?
2. What will thickness do ?
3. What would a 100% Epoxy Product can do vis-a-vis a modified epoxy?
4. What Makes epoxy cost differ at same thickness?
5. What is the Density of movement & weight used on Epoxy Floors?
6. Is any Chemical Resistant Epoxy is Required ?
7. Is the flooring is Right for Epoxy ?
As per my experience in Paint Industry, I have seen that hardly people bothered in selecting the Right Epoxy for their Floors.
If you have Answer to above questions then only Right Epoxy can be selected.
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