Monday, October 28, 2013

The Sophisticated Process of Epoxy Flooring and Coating in India

Epoxy Flooring or Epoxy Layering or for that matter, Epoxy Coating is a chemical process of giving specialized coating to the concrete floors or walls. There are different types of combinations of chemical aggregates, curing agents and polymer resins used for creating Epoxy coating systems. The combination of chemicals used brings out a unique balance of the performance properties. The three prominent types of Epoxy Flooring or Epoxy Coating systems incorporated are:

a. Lithe modified Epoxy coating designed for the purpose of crack bridging, impact absorption, and application on the types of substrates that show very high high deflection or trembling.

b. Semi-flexible Bisphenol A epoxy, exclusively put in use for general purpose coating or layering.

c. Novolac/Bisphenol F epoxy coating or layering finds its applications in the floors or areas which are exposed to severe chemicals and/or higher temperatures.

Besides the above three Epoxy coating or layering systems, there are several other types of Epoxy coatings available that are helpful in meeting the specific needs of industry and ensure highest levels of security. If you have any special requirements for Epoxy layering, or Epoxy coating, it’d be better to consult the technical specialist.
Epoxy Flooring and coating is a very complex procedure and a technical specialist has to go through a detailed analysis of the area.

Epoxy flooring begins with floor preparation. The concrete surface is short blasted with the purpose of creating porosity and roughness as this would aid epoxy primer. Since the Epoxy primer is less sticky as compared to colored epoxy coating (done later), the primer will build a strong mechanical and chemical union with the concrete surface.

Epoxy coloring and epoxy flaking is subsequently carried out. The Epoxy primer, which is applied, is still in wet condition and colored flakes are disseminated all over the floor, and in excess, for the very purpose of providing the smooth and even coverage. During the time of Epoxy Coloring and Flaking, water heater boxes and stem walls are also coated and flaked. Floor scraping and chemical resistance clear top-coating is done finally.

                                                                                           Epoxy Flooring Repair 

Before the Epoxy coating is done, the concrete floor or wall is tattered and brushed with the purpose of removing the excess of flakes.  The two-part chemical and abrasion hardy clear-coat lends a seemingly great "granite look," besides adding durability and the sheen.

Have you made the decision to go for the Epoxy Flooring and Coating or not ?

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