Sunday, July 31, 2011

Roof Waterproofing

We At Automotive Solutions has a special treatment for Waterproofing Roof Tops with our 3 Step Coating System with Fibre Reinforcement. These Coatings have Excellent Adhesion with Concrete / Fibre / Asbestos Sheets / Galvanium Sheets. These Coatings are Top Coated with UV Resistant Coating with Heat Reflective Technology. 

These AS Waterproofing Treatment is Cool in Summers. These Coatings have excellent adhesion properties & have resistant to Acid Rain & Chemicals. The Three Step System Includes Repair of Concrete with Waterproofing Resin , Application of Fibre with Epoxy Resin & Final Application with UV Resistant Coating to protect waterproofing from Cracking & having added advantage of Heat Reflective Technology.

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