Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Metal Coatings

Rusted / Corroded Metal Coatings – Call 01147037026

Corrosion begins with the penetration of water and chemicals collecting on metal and other porous substrates. What follows is the deterioration of the surface that is a direct result from a reaction with its environment. Unmanaged, corrosion causes premature structural and equipment failures leading to high operating costs and environmental and safety hazards.
Automotive Solutions has problem to restore back all your expensive equipment by doing 4 step procedures. These coatings not only protect metal from Corrosion & Rusting but protects from future damage.
The Application of these coatings can be seen in Plant & Machinery , DG Sets , DI Plants , Water Plants , Parking Lots, Collection Tanks , Neutralization Tanks , Reaction Tanks , Wastewater Treatment, Pier Deck Plates, Bridge Plates, Subway Inner Walls , Subway Tunnels or any metal which is exposed to environment & is supposed to be protected.
So Call for free site visit or call at 011-47037026 or write for more details www.automotivesolution.co.in 

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