Thursday, October 17, 2013

Epoxy Flooring Delhi

We Automotive Solutions(TM) are always providing solutions to our customers to provide them product by lowering the epoxy flooring / epoxy floor paint cost in Delhi / NCR. India.

Epoxy Flooring comes in various thickness & properties e.g like High Abrasion strength, weight load, movement, chemical resistant, anti static  etc. The Customer should provide exact information as to what kind of flooring he requires. The budget for flooring starts from Rs 30/- Per Sq Ft upto Rs 400/- Per sq Ft.

Customers running big & rented ware houses are only concerned to trap the dust & have floor that is easy to clean. There are simple & cost effective solutions for the same.

Industries are also looking for colored flooring to give more aesthetic look to their factory, some may opt for thickness and other properties.

Do you know a Epoxy flooring paint  of 200 microns can give you life of 2 Years. Next time you are looking for epoxy flooring in Delhi / NCR call us for free expert advice or write us at

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